We take portrait photographs of your dog on location, getting the best of your best friend.

When photographing your dog, we always take into account that this is a well loved family member. For this reason we will never put your dog in a position where it is uncomfortable. Your dog should always be happy and enjoying life and we believe this is very important!

We do also cover sleddog races on and have worked with dog trainers to get photos for their website. So please do get in touch if you believe we can help you.




Behind The Camera

I am Becky and the girl behind the camera!

Dogs are a passion of mine, I own a dog walking business alongside my photography. We currently own three dogs and we do everything with them! They are also my best models!

I have a BSc in Animal Behaviour & Welfare and have spent many years working with dogs in a variety of ways. It was whilst working at a rescue centre that I really started to look at photography (though I did do photography at A Level, the only thing I managed to do well at!), wanting to give the dogs the best chance of getting homed by showing their best sides! Since then I have worked to improve my skills and ability to that I can take photos of my own dogs worthy of going on the wall! I strive to give you memories you can treasure for a long time to come!