Jack Russel Terrier, Ostlers Plantation, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, Dog PhotographySo I have been awful at keeping the blog going recently and there has been a lot of work I haven’t been able to share yet for various reasons. Today though I want to give myself a kick up the backside and let you know a bit more about Seamus’ photo session.

I am lucky enough to know Seamus quite well, as some of you know I also run a dog walking business around the local area and Seamus is one of my clients. His people wanted a photo session with him for their wedding anniversary, so they wanted photos of them as a family and they wanted the location to be related to RAF history in some way. Well that was easy, Lincolnshire is full of RAF history!

We agreed to have the session at Ostlers Plantation. It is a lovely little wood that used to be the home of the dambusters. The wood is full of the old buildings and there are derelict walls and parts of the airfield all over the place. Unfortunately it was a very hot day when we went and we came across some adders! This then limited the locations we used for the photos, we didn’t want to be putting anyone at risk.

The session lasted a good two hours, I got loads of photos and Seamus worked every photo! He was amazing. Here are a selection of the photos from our session, isn’t he a great model?!


Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

Puppy sessions for breeders is something that I haven’t really advertised much. However I was invited to photograph these Slovakian Roughhaired Pointers from the Achouffe kennel.

Most people wouldn’t be keen on turning up a house and then being shut outside but with these bundles of fun, I had enjoyed myself a lot! They were stunning and so much fun to be around. Thankfully not all of them were busy eating my shoes at once which meant I was able to photograph some of the others.

Here is a glimpse of some of the photos I got from this session, if you are planning a litter and would like something different for your puppy owners then please do get in touch!


Evie was a very special photoshoot. She has hydrocephalus, which is basically water on the brain so her coordination can be a bit off and she finds things super exciting. I thought she was amazing.

The squeaky toy was a favourite of hers, she went completely crazy for that and it was a joy watching her play with it.

I really enjoyed using the 18-135mm lens with her, she was a natural in front of the camera and we got some stunning photos of her and the odd fun shot too. There are some photoshoots that you can’t help but smile the whole way through them and Evie’s session was one of them. This is a dog so full of life, you really can’t help but smile when watching her.

I hope you enjoy a few of the photos of her as much as I enjoyed taking them. Evie really is a very special girl!

Prussia & Aksel

This was another of the mini shoots available at Tri Dog. Prussia is a German Shorthaired Pointer and Aksel is a Greyster, brother to our own Mozi! Prussia is black and Aksel is brown (in the photo on the right).

Aksel loved our squeaky ball and so getting photos of him looking keen and eager was easy! He was more then happy to try and get that ball!

Prussia is much more refined! The squeaky ball was of no interest to him. Luckily his mum arrived with some really stinky food! He is also really well trained so his mum was able to put him in a stand, sit or down and he would just stay. It was trying to get him looking at the camera that was a little more difficult!

I got some lovely photos of the boys, I love Prussia’s goofy look! So here are some of the photos for you to look at!



Buster & Eli

For the Tri Dog event in September I offered special mini-shoots for people to allow them to have professional photos taken of their dogs and to have all the web resolution images so they can be shared on Facebook. This was a one off event for those attending Tri Dog. So here are the first two that took us up on the offer, Buster and Eli!

The event took place at Box End, which is a beautiful water park. It made some stunning backdrops to the photos with their large field and huge lakes!

Buster and Eli are both rescue dogs and Buster joined us for his photoshoot first. He nailed every single shot! He was ace! He just wanted his sausages and he really loved it! Buster was a natural in front of the camera.

We got through his session nice and quick and then got Eli out to take some photos of him on his own and then both of them together. Unfortunately Eli decided that he didn’t like the camera. It made really really scary noises and the person holding the really scary camera was also quite scary! So we spent some time getting him used to me and then the camera again. We did manage to get some of him in the end though, we just took them at more of a distance and made everything as fun (or in his case yummy – sausages!) as possible.

So here are some of the photos from their session:


It was a warm September Sunday afternoon, a very warm afternoon, in fact too warm an afternoon. Harvey is a lilac border collie, he is a beautiful, stunning, handsome boy who decided my squeaky ball would have to be part of his photoshoot!

We met at Spalford Warren, a nature reserve that has fenced areas allowing dogs to be off lead. It is a lovely place, well out the way and with plenty of stunning areas to take photos.

As I may have mentioned it was quite warm! However Harvey turned up and brought along his two humans. He was very excited to be on a walk, especially when his humans started throwing his ball towards the camera for him to chase after! We explored different areas taking photos of him, on his own, with his humans and then we took him to the water hole where he had a dip in the muddy water. Did we mention he had been bathed for his photoshoot? A dog has to be a dog! As it turned out he dried off quite quickly and didn’t even look that muddy.

We had a lovely afternoon taking photos of a very special and much loved boy. Here are a few of his photos so you can all admire just how stunning he is!


Five + Two = Seven!

So last weekend I had a photoshoot with seven dogs. Yes you read right – seven! We got action shots of the five collies and some more sedate photos of the two older goldies.

On the right here is Tally and the baby of the house. He is a lovely sweet boy! All the collies had their own balls which they really enjoyed playing with!

We were able to get most of the photos done before the massive rain shower! The rain meant that we did all have to suddenly run indoors as quickly as we could! Then when it stopped we were able to go outside and finish off the last couple of dogs. These lucky dogs have their own field at their house which meant we were able to do the whole photoshoot somewhere they were comfortable which is always an added bonus!

Anyway, here are some of the photos from the photoshoot, I hope you enjoy!




Last Sunday we met up with Vinnie and his mum. They took me on one of their favourite walks, which we really should have been wearing wellies for! The Brocklesby Estate is a large estate that allows members of the public to walk on it between April and August. There are lots of lovely paths and a stunning mausoleum, which of course we just had to take some photos around!

Vinnie is a 9 month old Large Munsterlander. He is a very sweet boy who will hopefully be doing agility, canicross and bikejor once he is old enough! Lucky for me this means I may get to see him a fair bit at races!

He had been bathed before his photoshoot to make him look lovely and clean for his photos, however like a true munster he found the mud early on! I also had to share this photo on the right – this was on his way out of a muddy puddle!

Here is a glimpse into my afternoon with Vinnie, as you will see he is an incredibly photogenic! He was a delight to photograph and he just loved my squeaky ball!




Dogs on lead!

Sometimes a dog can’t for whatever reason be off their lead. This could be due to lack of recall or they might be reactive or the location might not be safe for them to be off lead.

Well there is no reason to be put off having a photoshoot because of it! There have been multiple occasions where a dog has had to be on a lead or long line for various reasons but from the final photos that you will see, you will see no lead! Luckily due to some clever tricks in our computer software we can clean up busy backgrounds and remove the leads! This way we don’t loose those special shots where something just didn’t quite go to plan!

There are times when I won’t remove a lead because it gives something to the photo but as shown in Piper’s photos above, I can remove dogs and bags from the backgrounds too! So if I ask you to be in a photo because I need the dog to be in a certain place – don’t worry! I will remove you from the photo so you will not be in any photos that you do not want to be in.

So don’t be worried if your dog for whatever reason can’t be off lead! We can sort it and get you some stunning photos! Just get in touch and we will get you all booked in!


Puppy Play Session!

So as I have been teasing you with some of the puppy photos from the play session yesterday, I thought it was probably best that I show you some more puppy photography!

Yesterday we met up at a private location for a puppy play date. There were three puppies, two of which were siblings and one was a rescue. The siblings were both greysters, named Mozi and Mouse. The little rescue pup was called Lottie and she is a pointer x bracco! She was an awesome little girl and points at everything! Even the little wagtails that were wandering about on the grass.

So here is a glimpse into some of the other photos that were taken yesterday, most of the photos were of Mozi and Lottie who were clearly suddenly the bestest of friends and wanted to get up to mischief together! Looking forward to more puppy play sessions!