Buster & Eli

For the Tri Dog event in September I offered special mini-shoots for people to allow them to have professional photos taken of their dogs and to have all the web resolution images so they can be shared on Facebook. This was a one off event for those attending Tri Dog. So here are the first two that took us up on the offer, Buster and Eli!

The event took place at Box End, which is a beautiful water park. It made some stunning backdrops to the photos with their large field and huge lakes!

Buster and Eli are both rescue dogs and Buster joined us for his photoshoot first. He nailed every single shot! He was ace! He just wanted his sausages and he really loved it! Buster was a natural in front of the camera.

We got through his session nice and quick and then got Eli out to take some photos of him on his own and then both of them together. Unfortunately Eli decided that he didn’t like the camera. It made really really scary noises and the person holding the really scary camera was also quite scary! So we spent some time getting him used to me and then the camera again. We did manage to get some of him in the end though, we just took them at more of a distance and made everything as fun (or in his case yummy – sausages!) as possible.

So here are some of the photos from their session: