It was a warm September Sunday afternoon, a very warm afternoon, in fact too warm an afternoon. Harvey is a lilac border collie, he is a beautiful, stunning, handsome boy who decided my squeaky ball would have to be part of his photoshoot!

We met at Spalford Warren, a nature reserve that has fenced areas allowing dogs to be off lead. It is a lovely place, well out the way and with plenty of stunning areas to take photos.

As I may have mentioned it was quite warm! However Harvey turned up and brought along his two humans. He was very excited to be on a walk, especially when his humans started throwing his ball towards the camera for him to chase after! We explored different areas taking photos of him, on his own, with his humans and then we took him to the water hole where he had a dip in the muddy water. Did we mention he had been bathed for his photoshoot? A dog has to be a dog! As it turned out he dried off quite quickly and didn’t even look that muddy.

We had a lovely afternoon taking photos of a very special and much loved boy. Here are a few of his photos so you can all admire just how stunning he is!