Prussia & Aksel

This was another of the mini shoots available at Tri Dog. Prussia is a German Shorthaired Pointer and Aksel is a Greyster, brother to our own Mozi! Prussia is black and Aksel is brown (in the photo on the right).

Aksel loved our squeaky ball and so getting photos of him looking keen and eager was easy! He was more then happy to try and get that ball!

Prussia is much more refined! The squeaky ball was of no interest to him. Luckily his mum arrived with some really stinky food! He is also really well trained so his mum was able to put him in a stand, sit or down and he would just stay. It was trying to get him looking at the camera that was a little more difficult!

I got some lovely photos of the boys, I love Prussia’s goofy look! So here are some of the photos for you to look at!