Last Sunday we met up with Vinnie and his mum. They took me on one of their favourite walks, which we really should have been wearing wellies for! The Brocklesby Estate is a large estate that allows members of the public to walk on it between April and August. There are lots of lovely paths and a stunning mausoleum, which of course we just had to take some photos around!

Vinnie is a 9 month old Large Munsterlander. He is a very sweet boy who will hopefully be doing agility, canicross and bikejor once he is old enough! Lucky for me this means I may get to see him a fair bit at races!

He had been bathed before his photoshoot to make him look lovely and clean for his photos, however like a true munster he found the mud early on! I also had to share this photo on the right – this was on his way out of a muddy puddle!

Here is a glimpse into my afternoon with Vinnie, as you will see he is an incredibly photogenic! He was a delight to photograph and he just loved my squeaky ball!