Dogs on lead!

Sometimes a dog can’t for whatever reason be off their lead. This could be due to lack of recall or they might be reactive or the location might not be safe for them to be off lead.

Well there is no reason to be put off having a photoshoot because of it! There have been multiple occasions where a dog has had to be on a lead or long line for various reasons but from the final photos that you will see, you will see no lead! Luckily due to some clever tricks in our computer software we can clean up busy backgrounds and remove the leads! This way we don’t loose those special shots where something just didn’t quite go to plan!

There are times when I won’t remove a lead because it gives something to the photo but as shown in Piper’s photos above, I can remove dogs and bags from the backgrounds too! So if I ask you to be in a photo because I need the dog to be in a certain place – don’t worry! I will remove you from the photo so you will not be in any photos that you do not want to be in.

So don’t be worried if your dog for whatever reason can’t be off lead! We can sort it and get you some stunning photos! Just get in touch and we will get you all booked in!